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I've had the great pleasure of knowing Gary Eason well over twenty years. I first met Gary as a rookie officer coming into the Hinesville Police Department, Gary was on the traffic unit at the time, and I got to know and respect him while serving the citizens of Hinesville. He was and still is readily available any time I need help or just a piece of advice. I always know I can pick up the phone and he will not only give me a great laugh (which I usually need) but sound advice. Gary Eason has my support for Sheriff, not only because he a dear friend but because I've always known him to be fair and just in everything he does. He is the epitome of what it means to be a Peace Office and what it means to serve and care for a well-deserved public. If you want a Sheriff that practices what he preaches and a Sheriff that his number one concern is the people of his county and those who are privileged enough to work under him, VOTE FOR GARY EASON for Sheriff. You will be glad you did!

Bobby Cary


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