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Gary Eason is seeking election as County Sheriff, with the desire to serve and give back to the community. Currently a Deputy for the Bryan County Sheriff's Office, Gary has been a resident of Liberty County since 1976 and graduated from Bradwell Institute in 1980. He has been married to his wife Tina for 40 years and has raised two children and a grandchild.

Having served in the United States Air Force and Georgia Air National Guard, Gary has also been in the profession of Law Enforcement for 36 years. He began his Law Enforcement career in 1987 with the Georgia Department of Corrections at Georgia State Prison (GSP) and has worked for the Bureau of Prison in Jesup at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) until 1995. From there, he was transferred to Florence, Colorado as a Lieutenant at Florence FCI until 1998. After moving back to Georgia in 1998, he was hired by the Hinesville Police Department (HPD) and worked there as a Patrol Officer for a year before moving to the HPD Traffic Unit until 2002. He left the HPD in 2002 and was hired as a Deputy for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), working his way up to the rank of Lieutenant as a shift supervisor before retiring on December 30, 2022, after 20 years of service. He then went to work for the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office on January 03, 2022, as a Patrol Deputy and is currently a member of the Bryan County Traffic Unit. Gary has been serving the citizens of Liberty and/or Bryan County for the past 26 plus years and enjoys serving the public.

Gary's campaign platform for Liberty County is simple: to make Liberty County a better and safer place for everyone to live and raise families. He believes with his leadership, the men and women of the Sheriff's Office will focus on and accomplish identified goals. His priorities for the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and the service it provides to the community are clear. Gary believes that the Sheriff's Star (badge) is a symbol of public trust and to serve is an honor and a privilege. Effective law enforcement leaders must possess the desire and ability to recognize deficiencies, make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions to effect positive change. This thoughtful type of leadership will consistently enhance professionalism and service to the public.

Gary is well aware of the challenges and complexities facing law enforcement in and around the community. His goal is to protect and preserve Liberty County's quality of life, and he believes that he can use his experience, education, and training to make a positive difference in the community he has been serving for many years.

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